Podcast Introduction Episode

Just a very short how-do-you-do and welcome to the podcast!

Contact us by email Bukka@PetalumaExpertsInc.com

or by phone 707-762-1717

Introduction Episode

{Petaluma Experts Incorporated, introduction episode}

Hey Petaluma

I’m Bukka Levy, host of the Petaluma Experts Incorporated podcast…where I interview our area’s Top Experts & Brightest Minds!

We are fortunate to have a ton of local businesses in our town, and chances are you haven’t been exposed to most of them…so my hope is that through this podcast I can introduce you to some of the great people and services that are offered by our own Petaluma area experts.

I’m going to continually seek out as many local experts as I can find, and you, our listeners, are invited and encouraged to suggest any local experts you think would be interested in being interviewed.

We already have some great interviews coming up that I’m really excited about! So listen in and we’ll have a lot of fun with it.

You can give me a call or shoot me an email. I’ll have all my contact info in the show notes at our website – Petaluma Experts Inc .com

And we’ll see you there, around town, or at the next episode!

Until next time, take care Petaluma!