Marissa Patrick – Owner of Chick-a-Boom! Vintage Clothing

Marissa Patrick is a well-rounded, couture-loving curator of vintage clothing. Her store, Chickaboom Vintage Clothing, showcases her love of all things fashion and retro. Marissa discusses her life growing up in Northern California, her hobbies, work experience, and future plans for her growing business. She also explains the difference between carrying high-quality vintage clothing and thrift store items.

Show Notes:

[00:30] Introduction of Marissa Patrick.
[01:00] Marissa’s upbringing, hobbies, passions, and business experience.
[04:44] How she got into the vintage business.
[11:11] From store owner to reality television show?
[12:51] What sets Chickaboom apart.
[18:03] Celebrities who work with Chickaboom.
[22:15] Secrets of the vintage clothing business.
[27:53] Resources for finding more about vintage items.
[30:30] Her favorite quote.
[32:12] Parting advice.

Contact Information

You can find Chickaboom Vintage on Facebook, Etsy, Tumblr, and Instagram.