Joe Webb – Host of the Goldnerds Podcast

Joe Webb, mild-mannered computer specialist, husband, father, and super fan of The Goldbergs, reveals how his popular podcast catapulted him into cyberspace stardom. Driven to reach out to other fans, Webb created his own podcast, an outlet devoted to Adam Goldberg and the cast of the hit show.


[00:44] Joe Webb is a native Californian who hails from the Modesto area.

[00:20] Webb talks about his popular podcast, The Goldnerds.

[05:00] Discussion about Webb’s podcasting origins and how he was able to get the cast on his show.

[10:06] Webb uses social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to get the word out to other fans.

[12:50] Webb shares his funniest experience with his own podcast episode.

[17:17] The best-kept secret about the show, The Goldbergs.

[19:43] How to find the podcast on iTunes and Facebook.

[20:06] Favorite Goldberg episode.

[20:44] Webb reveals the future of his podcast.



Twitter: @goldnerds