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If you know of a local expert that you believe that Bukka should interview, please let him know. Or, if you’re a local expert yourself and believe you could contribute to the Petaluma Experts Incorporated community also, don’t hesitate to reach out. Bukka is in search of the brightest minds in Petaluma and would welcome the chance to speak with you.

But first, why be a guest?


Warren Buffett has a quote about reputation. It conveys the importance, the role of reputation plays in business. “If you cost me money, I will forgive you. If you cost me my reputation, I will be ruthless.” He did not say, “Mad, angry” or “unforgiving.” He said “ruthless.” Why? Because reputation, in business, is everything. Reputation is an unspoken language. In its purest and most powerful form, it’s a language based entirely on sight and beliefs. It dictates how people perceive you. By your stereotype you get judged (just think how politicians are perceived—can they be trusted?) In other words, your reputation precedes you. It’s how others judge you, BEFORE they know you. Whether or not you can be trusted, depends on your reputation too. It dictates your power, your influence, your authority. Even to the degree others respect you. This is why building a reputation that serves you is so important.


First, what is Authority? There is a misconception about this term. It is often thrown around casually. The dictionary definition though, is instructive: 1. The power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. 2. A person or organization having power or control in a particular sphere. In other words, the ability to be perceived as Donald Trump, as he is perceived on Celebrity Apprentice. Or Warren Buffett in the financial world. You are the almighty. The supreme voice. What you say is believed. What you say is enforced. What you say is gospel and is passed around as fact, in regards to your area of expertise, simply because you are the one who said it.

How is this dominant reputation created? Because reputation is an unspoken language. It is not created through “talk,” or 1-to-1 presentations. It is created by symbols: A book. Authors are judged as authorities. Articles. Columnists are judged as authorities. Expert interviews. People who are interviewed, because of thier knowledge on a topic, are as judged as authorities. The overarching theme here: Publish. True authorities, as perceived by the public, publish content. They convert their knowledge and expertise into some kind of documented work. Something that is tangible. A book. An article. An interview. Those, sadly, who refuse to understand the importance of this word, publish, too often, perish. Or at least have to hustle, harder, for a lot less result than they should get, from every output of energy they put into their business.


Okay, we agree. Publishing is important. Reputation is important. Authority is important. So, you decide to be interviewed, now what? Without leverage, your interview may as well have never happened. Like a radio ad, without leverage, your interview will be here today, gone tomorrow. Leverage is about keeping that interview alive, in front of people, [preferably, ideal prospects and clients or patients] to get maximum mileage out of your appearance. An expert interview, at its core, magnifies credibility. The mere fact that someone wants to interview you conveys your position as an expert. And each interview you do, whether it be USA Today, WSJ, CNN, on a local radio station, blog or newspaper, or on a podcast, is a building block for credibility. And my favorite, a promotional opportunity.

Even More Important: Long Term Leverage


I am a big fan of converting Interviews into content that can (a) multiply me, so I can be in many places at once, and (b) position me as a solution to a known problem. For example, prior to your Interview, thought should be given to the topic itself. Imagine for a second that you’re a chiropractor. Maybe you specialize in helping patients eliminate back pain. And maybe you have 7 methods for helping chronic back pain suffers. During the interview, these 7 methods are what we would talk about, “7 Unconventional Ways to Eliminate Back Pain That No Medical Doctor Will Ever Tell You About.” Then, post-Interview, a copy of that recording can be sent to a transcriptionist. This now gives you a written document, which can be converted into a Free Report or Whitepaper. This is content that can be used for lead generation i.e. direct-response marketing. By creating a Free Report, from the transcript of your interview or a Free CD, from the mp3 recording, you now have valuable information that can be offered to prospective clients, in exchange for their contact information. This is what builds your prospective client, customer, patient database. It also offers a pressure-free way to introduce a prospective client to your knowledge and expertise. And now, from a trust perspective, because you have a way to communicate without forcing interested prospects to contact you, directly, you don’t have to try to “close” on the first meeting or appointment. You can follow-up with more content, more case studies, etc.. from your previous clients or you’re able to reach out to them in the future, to answer any questions they may have.

Simplified, the process looks like this:

The Interview gets recorded = Free Content/Report/Articles/CD that can marketed to prospective clients, and given away for free in exchange for contact information = Lead generation = The ability to follow-up with more valuable content, that further positions you as the Authority = Higher conversion rates from prospect to client, customer or patient.


Here is a business lesson I learned from a rich man, “Amateurs focus on sales. Pros focus on relationships.” Duh! Of course, right? But if it’s so obvious and common sense, why do most business owner not make it a priority to feed their audience, more often, with great content. What if your favorite sitcom or drama series only produced 1 new episode a year? Would you ever truly get to know the characters? How could you become invested in the plot or storyline? Think about Friends, which ran for 10 years. In season 1, episode 1, nobody knew who Rachel Green was, and Jennifer Aniston was a virtual no one. Ten years later though, fans of Rachel, those who connected with her—from 10 seasons of content, 23 episodes per season—chose to style their hair like Rachel, and dressed the same way as she did on the show. And Jennifer Aniston, she became America’s sweetheart, and one of the highest paid actresses in the world. Why? How? Because people fell in love with her character. From a conceptual standpoint, Jennifer Aniston is no different than you. She has a craft. You have a craft. Your craft is different than hers. But the outcome is the same. To grow and enjoy a large audience for your craft…to have real fans, and to build a real community around your knowledge and expertise, then you must commit to feeding that audience with consistent content. Thought-leaders have audiences and communities and fans around their work, that buy their books, hire them, etc. But to be a thought-leader, in your industry, to your community of clients, customers, patients—by definition—you must lead with thought

Every interview you do, every blog post or article you write, every book you publish, should be seen as an episode of your “sitcom,” and opportunity to grow and feed your fan base. Even if you’re just a landscaper, I don’t see it that way, but why can’t you be the Ed Hume of Petaluma? — Ed was just a guy who loved gardening, who shared his knowledge and expertise, which built him a fan base, which he parlayed into a lucrative career as the go-to Authority on gardening. This opportunity to enjoy a fan base is available to every business owner, in every industry. He just needs more content, more “episodes”, to feed his growing audience.


P.T. Barnum famously said, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Barnum was perhaps the most successful PR person in history. Why? Because he understood what Oscar Wilde understood, enunciated in this quote, “The only thing worse than being talked about [in a controversial nature] is not being talked about.” Said different, if you are not being talked about or interviewed, and if there isn’t demand for your thoughts, opinions, and commentary—then, from an importance standpoint—you don’t exist. And, as Robert Greene eludes to his book, The 48 Laws of Power, for the man who seeks power and influence, nothing is worse than being ignored. This reveals the truth about getting media exposure for your business. Particularly, appearing on larger media outlets with larger and larger audiences. These content programmers, they want to know you’ll be able to deliver. It’s about ratings! This means the host of the program, or the program’s producer, will typically want a history of your past media appearances, and if you have it, audio or video examples from those interviews. Putting an unknown person “on air,” from their perspective is a risk. You may be smart. You may be the most qualified expert in town. But they need to know what they are getting. So, the more interviews you have to demonstrate your ability to deliver great content, the more attractive you can make yourself in future press releases. For future media appearances. For bigger and bigger media outlets.

Media experts, like Ryan Holiday, author of Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator, call this process—media begets more media—the “self-reinforcing news wave.”And, I don’t need to tell you how publicity can impact a business. One Interview is great. But one interview after another – because there is growing demand for your story, your knowledge and expertise, and because people want to hear what you have to say – is better. Who knows? Your Interview on Petaluma Experts Inc® may just be a stepping-stone to something even larger.


Let’s face it. In this day and age, who can you trust? How many providers in your industry, in one way or another, to your frustration, mislead the public? “Truth in advertising.” HA!… Business is cutthroat and competition is fierce, and it seems more and more business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs are willing to cut corners, or bend the “truth” if needed, to out-compete competitors. And the consumer? Well, he often gets the short end of the proverbial stick. On Petaluma Experts Inc®, I’m not just interested in interviewing the brightest experts in Petaluma, I also want to interview the most ethical. Do you have a message that people need to hear? Can you help protect the public, by debunking myths or by empowering them, with your advice? I see Petaluma Experts Inc® becoming the most trusted source of consumer advice in Petaluma. When someone needs someone they can trust, I want them to come our website. Tune-in to our Podcast. And I want them to find you. Your interview. To hear your story and expert advice….

That is – if you have a message that can benefit the public – our neighbors!

So, Interested In Being a Guest?


I have come to discover, as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, most of the world does not/cannot understand the pressure we face each day. Even with success, there is pressure. If you’re like me, you wake up every morning to another dragon that must be slayed. You cut one head off. Another one appears. The life of the entrepreneur is anything/everything but easy. One of the reasons I was inspired to co-found ENG (Petaluma Chapter) was to create a local brain trust of other smart entrepreneurs. Petaluma Experts Inc® is just an extension of that growing community. And an opportunity to share our message and expertise with the public, on a broader, larger scale, to impact more lives.  And, one thing I’m certain about: You have a story to tell. Every entrepreneur does. It lives in their bones and in their heart. And frankly, I want to hear it. And so do many others, even if they don’t yet know it. If you believe and feel the same way I do, then I can honestly tell you—I can’t wait to get your Interview scheduled and to have you on the Podcast.

So, if interested, here’s the next step: 

Shoot me an email at the link below to schedule a brief 15 minute call. If you have any questions, we’ll get them answered at this time. But this just allows us to hear each other’s voice. Also, you’ll be sent a copy of the ‘Pre-interview Info Packet’, which we’ll discuss briefly on the call as well, to ensure your Interview turns out to be a valuable Asset to your business and to our audience.

Who knows? This could be the beginning of a great friendship. I’m a Petaluma business owner. You’re a Petaluma business owner. We probably have a lot in common.

Talk soon my friend, I’m looking forward to it,

-Bukka Levy