Brent Blaustein – Mortgage Consultant with Summit Funding

Expert mortgage consultant, Brent Blaustein from Summit Funding – home loan experts in Petaluma, discusses the challenges, secrets, and service of the mortgage industry.

Show Notes:

[01:00] Blaustein was born and raised in Mill Valley, California.

[01:25] During a summer internship, Blaustein worked on Capitol Hill for then-Senator Barbara Boxer.

[01:55] After graduating college, he got a job at a mortgage company.

[03:15] Blaustein does residential home loans.

[03:50] Blaustein discusses the challenges of the mortgage industry.

[04:55] He reveals what he loves most about the business.

[05:25] What sets him apart from others in the industry?

[08:45] Funny things happen when personal life and business collide in the dating world.

[10:05] Blaustein talks about the best and most inspiring parts of the business.

[11:35] The best-kept secret of customer service is revealed.

[14:15] How would someone know if their prospective mortgage consultant wasn’t a good one?

[16:15] Blaustein’s favorite quote.

[16:45] Parting advice

[17:35] Blaustein’s contact information.